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Nearly 50% of Vienna's innertown is "green" - which means parks, gardens and recreational areas - and all of them open to the public. Viennese love to hang out in the parks and spend considerable time there whenever the weather is right. Here's a list of parks & gardens in Vienna:


Rose garden, Volksgarten

As one of the city's most beloved public parks, Volksgarten boasts a captivating blend of lush greenery, colorful flowerbeds and neoclassical architecture. Originally part of the imperial palace gardens, Volksgarten was opened to the public in the early 19th century. Its name translates as "people's garden" and reflects its purpose as a space for everyone to enjoy the tranquillity of nature. One of the park's most striking features is the rose garden, a fragrant spectacle that blooms from late spring to early autumn.

Whether seeking a peaceful escape from the bustling city or simply desiring a place to unwind and enjoy a leisurely afternoon, Volksgarten is definitely a must visit.

📍 Volksgarten, 1010


View to the Palm House | @vienna_alexxandra

The Burggarten in Vienna’s City Center, located at the Ringstraße, next to Hofburg and Albertina Museum, is one of our favorite spots for a quick getaway - right in the middle of the first district. Once part of the Imperial Palace's private garden, this exquisite green space was later opened to the public to relish its charm.

The centerpiece of Burggarten is the iconic Mozart Memorial, a graceful tribute to the renowned composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, who once frequented the gardens during his time in Vienna.

The Orangerie or "Palmenhaus", a stunning glasshouse within the park, adds to the park's allure. It houses a collection of tropical and subtropical plants that contrast with the surrounding green spaces and it even has a wonderful café in it!

With its statues, magnificent buildings, the café and a cute little pond, Burggarten is definitely worth a visit!

📍 Josefsplatz 1, 1010


Stadtpark | @merri_lynk

Stadtpark first opened in 1862 and runs 500m along the section of the central Ring boulevard. As one of the city's most famous and cherished parks, Stadtpark offers a serene escape from urban life while paying tribute to some of Austria's most celebrated artists. The park's most iconic feature is the striking golden statue of Johann Strauss II, the legendary composer known as the "Waltz King."

With its picturesque landscape, beautiful pathsways and diverse flora this park is a haven for nature enthusiasts, joggers, and those seeking a place to relax and recharge. And there's also the gently flowing Wien River that adds to the park's charm! Talking of coffee and Sachertorte, the park features one or two places to eat and drink as well.

Throughout the year, Stadtpark hosts various cultural events and concerts. The "Genussfestival" for example features a wide range of cuisines and culinary delights. It also provides an ideal setting for concerts and music festivals from classical performances to contemporary music events.

📍 Parkring 1, 1010

Belvedere Schlossgarten

View to Upper Belvedere | @enzvnt

Designed in the 18th century, Belvedere gardens showcase meticulously manicured lawns, elegant flowerbeds and regal sculptures. This splendid complex comprises two stunning Baroque palaces, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, which are connected by the breathtaking gardens. The Upper Belvedere is home to an extraordinary collection of Austrian art, including the world-renowned masterpiece "The Kiss" by Gustav Klimt. Meanwhile, the Lower Belvedere houses temporary exhibitions and offers a fascinating glimpse into the opulent lifestyle of the aristocracy during the Baroque era. Here you can buy the tickets.

Even if you don't want to visit the museums, you can still stroll through the historical complex that blend nature and culture.

📍 Prinz Eugen Straße 27, 1030

Schönbrunn Schlosspark

Schönbrunn park | @ihab.982

This famous park is one of our favorites for sure! Stretching over 1.2 square kilometers, the park features beautifully landscaped gardens, winding paths and striking architectural elements. It also surrounds the historic Schönbrunn Palace, which served as the summer residence of the Habsburg monarchs.

The centerpiece of Schönbrunn Park is Gloriette, an elegant triumphal arch perched atop a hill where you can go up. From there you have an amazing view above the city - the perfect spot for pictures of Schönbrunn Palace!

Schönbrunn Park's allure is further enhanced by the variety of seasonal events that take place here. From summer concerts like the "Sommernachtskonzert" to traditional Christmas markets or Easter markets, the park and square in front of the castle comes alive with cultural festivities throughout the year.

We think the park and gardens are worth visiting in every season! In summer you can stroll through the beautiful paths surrounded by fountains and pretty manicures flowerbeds. With the first rays of sunshine, the plants begin to bloom in spring and in autumn all the leaves turn colorful, while in winter the park transforms into a winter wonderland.

Here you can book a tour through Schönbrunn Palace and the gardens.

📍 Schönbrunner Schloßstraße 47, 1130


Fountain at

Rathauspark, also known as City Hall Park, in front of Vienna's majestic City Hall in the 1st district, is one of the most central parks in the city and is full of greenery, fountains, monuments and benches to rest on.

The park is also a center of cultural events such as the "Filmfestival" in summer, that combines the highest culinary delights with musical highlights on a large open air screen. But one of the most beautiful seasons for visiting this place is definitely winter! During that season, Rathauspark undergoes a magical transformation. A substantial part of the park turns into Vienna's largest Christmas market and an ice rink named "Vienna Ice Dream" ("Wiener Eistraum") appears.

📍 Rathausplatz, 1010

Botanical Garden at University of Vienna

Botanical Garden | ©iStock by Getty Images

The Botanical Garden of the University of Vienna is a hidden gem nestled within the heart of the city. The unique plant collection includes critically endangered species as well as exotic and native plants. Many of them are being studied by academics and used for the education of students. The groves and meadows of the Garden are a valuable natural habitat for wild animals. This garden is a place of rest and wonder.

📍 Rennweg 14, 1030


Flak Tower Augarten | @ben_van_de_mars

Established in the early 18th century, Augarten is one of the oldest Baroque gardens in the city. The park's historical importance cannot be overlooked: During World War II, the Augarten flak towers served as air defense fortifications and some of their remnants are still visible today, adding a layer of historical depth to the park's identity.

Today the park invites to run, stroll and relax.

One of the park's highlights is the Augarten Porcelain Manufactory, where you can witness the craftsmanship behind Vienna's famous porcelain production. The manufactory has been in operation since the 18th century and continues to produce exquisite porcelain pieces that are coveted worldwide. In this park you'll also find some excellent restaurants like "Sperling im Augarten".

📍 Augarten, 1020

Sigmund Freud Park & Votivpark

Votive Church | @klara.b.ausria

The Votive church was dedicated in 1879 on the silver anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph and his wife Empress Elisabeth (Sisi). The two green spaces around this church are only separated by the Straße des 1. Mai, which is unfortunately very busy today. Above all, the large meadow of the Sigmund Freud Park is often used as a sunbathing area when the weather is suitable. Most of them are students from the neighboring University of Vienna who want to relax. Especially in summer this place is the perfect chill-out spot after a sightseeing day in the city as there are cozy sun loungers on the lawn that can be used free of charge. In spring, when the magnolia and cherry trees in front of the church are in bloom, this place is one of the most famous photo motifs.

📍 Universitätsstraße 6, 1090

Lainzer Tiergarten

Lainzer Tiergarten | @invisibly

The former hunting ground of the Hubsburgs, Lainzer Tiergarten is located on the outskirts of Vienna. Spanning over 2,450 hectares, it's a breathtaking nature reserve that offers a unique and immersive wildlife experience. The park's landscape features rolling hills, dense forests, meadows and serene ponds, creating a picturesque setting that feels far removed from the bustling city. You even can see wild animals like wild boars, deer, mouflons and a variety of bird species roam freely throughout the park, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts and wildlife photographers. One of the park's most iconic landmarks is the Hermesvilla, a charming hunting lodge that was once the summer residence of Sisi. The lodge now serves as a museum and offers insights into the Empress's life and the history of the Tiergarten. This park is the perfect escape from the lively city.

📍 Lainzer Tor, 1130


Setagayapark | @fuch5bau

The Setagayapark is a Japanese garden landscape in the 19th district of Vienna. It was created in the course of a friendship and cultural agreement between the two districts of Döbling and Setagaya in Tokyo. Setagaya park emulates a Japanese landscape with several ponds and streams and contains the densely planted garden elements that are typical for Japanese gardens.

A highlight is for sure the Tea house next to the central pond. It has an elegant bridge and Koi fish swimming beneath. The rich variety of plants create an everchanging display of blossom and transformation all year. But the best time to visit this park is definitely spring, when the whole garden blooms in pink!

📍 Lainzer Tor, 1130


Waterfall at Türkenschanzpark | @astrid_in_vienna

Being one of the bigger, more diverse parks, our beloved Türkenschanzpark offers a variety of ponds, endless lawns, water fountains, quite a lot of ducks and more ancient trees you can possibly count. However, this is not just it: with its Paulinenwarte (which can be entered at these times and dates), an ancient observation tower, this place looks like straight out of a Disney movie. Take endless walks, discover new corners and lose yourself in this green oasis. If you're lucky you will even see turtles in the ponds as well as other majestic creatures - as Türkenschanzpark offers quite the wildlife.

📍 Hasenauerstraße Türkenschanzpark, 1080

Grüner Prater

Prater Hauptallee | ©darkweasel94 CC0 1.0/Wiki

This urban oasis offers a refreshing escape from the city's hustle and bustle, providing a multitude of activities. Unlike the well-known Wiener Prater amusement park, the Grüner Prater (a former imperial hunting ground) is a more natural and serene extension of the Prater. Spanning over 6 square kilometers, the park is a haven of green spaces, meadows and tree-lined avenues, making it an ideal destination for picnics, leisurely walks and bike rides. The park is intersected by the main alley called Prater Hauptallee, which stretches for approximately 4.5 kilometers and is lined with grand chestnut trees.

The Grüner Prater boasts a variety of recreational facilities, including playgrounds for children, sports fields and open spaces for various activities! It also offers opportunities for horse riding and horse-drawn carriage rides.

📍 Hauptallee, 1020

Kurpark Oberlaa

Ponds at Kurpark Oberlaa | ©Peter Gugerell

Historically, the Kurpark Oberlaa is a result of the " Vienna International Garden Show" of 1974. Today Kurpark Oberlaa boasts a beautifully landscaped garden that spans over 75 hectares. Dotted with colorful flowerbeds, tranquil ponds and shady trees, the park provides a serene escape from the city's hustle. Special attractions are impeccable playgrounds and animal enclosures with a petting zoo.

Another perk associated with visiting this park is the famous Oberlaa Café, located right in the park. After a wonderful and relaxing stroll, there is no better way to truly embrace the local life than getting a delicious pastry and a tasty coffee.

📍 Laaer-Berg-Straße, 1100


Donauinsel | ©Wien Tourismus/Christian Stemper

The Danube Island is known to most visitors to Vienna as a recreational mecca with countless bars, restaurants and nightclubs, a wealth of sports opportunities from rollerblading to canoeing and a beach that looks and feels so Carribbean that it's been nicknamed the "Copa Cagrana". Donauinsel is also a popular spot for water sports enthusiasts. With several designated swimming areas, it becomes a lively hub during the summer months, where people can cool off and enjoy the sun along the sandy riverbanks. The island also hosts numerous events and festivals throughout the year, attracting large crowds to its open-air stages and concert venues, like the "Donauinselfest". Whether you're seeking an active day outdoors, a leisurely stroll along the riverbanks or a place to unwind and enjoy nature's beauty, Donauinsel offers a little something for everyone!

📍 Donauinsel

Vienna's Parks and Gardens

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Jun 17, 2023
Kathrin Schwarz

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