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White vine, berries and an oaktree above - nothing beats a romantic picnic in a beautiful environment. Either with your loved ones - or just by yourself. On a sunny day in the middle of a picturesque park or watching the sunset from a hill, overlooking the city - in Vienna you have all of the possibilities. These are our favorite spots for a magical picnic in Vienna.


Türkenschanzpark | @astrid_in_vienna

Being one of the bigger, more diverse parks, our beloved Türkenschanzpark offers a variety of ponds, endless lawns, water fountains, quite a lot of ducks and more ancient trees you can possibly count. However, this is not just it: with its Paulinenwarte (which can be entered at these times and dates), an ancient observation tower, this place looks like straight out of a Disney movie. Take endless walks, discover new corners and lose yourself in this green oasis. PLUS: If you're lucky you will even see turtles in the ponds as well as other majestic creatures - as Türkenschanzpark offers quite the wildlife. The park can be easily reached from the city center (Schottentor) by Tram Lines 40 and 41 and a 5 minute walk.

📍 Hasenauerstraße Türkenschanzpark, 1080


Burggarten | @vienna_alexxandra

This is the obvious one of course: The Burggarten in Vienna’s City Center, located at the Ringstraße, next to Hofburg and Albertina Museum, is one of our favorite spots for a quick getaway - right in the middle of the first district. This gorgeous little park also offers the perfect scenery for romantic picnics. Surrounded by old statues, magnificent buildings and even a cute little pond, this location is definitely worth visiting!

📍 Josefsplatz 1, 1010

Am Himmel

Am Himmel |

Am Himmel, which translates to “At Heaven” is a lawn located on a hill overlooking the city of Vienna. It looks as surreal as it sounds and is considered to be one of the nicest places to have a look over the city, watch sunrises and of course: for picnicking. What makes this place stand out from the competition above is the solitude of this place. Of course there might be people coming by every now and then but this place is everything BUT crowded. Not surprising that it’s often used for romantic dates and even proposals. However, also being up there alone can be as magical as you will have the perfect view to think, read or just enjoy a glass of wine while looking up to the clouds!

📍 Am Himmel, 1190

Lagerwiese at Alten Donau

Lagerwiese | @angrynatsa

This one we recommend especially on a hot summer day as it is located right next to Alte Donau - a lake-like former branch of the Danube River. You will find a lot of people playing ball games, sunbathing or having a picnic as this location offers a beautiful view onto the Alte Donau with Viennas “Skyscrapers” in the background. Definitely INSTA-worthy! PLUS: Alte Donau is a really nice swimming spot, as it is not actually flowing anymore and comes closer to a lake than a river. Pro tip: If want to take your picnic to the next level, why not rent out an electrical boat at one of the nearby suppliers and take your picnic onto the water?

📍 An der unteren alten Donau, 1220

Schloss Wilhelminenberg

Schloss Wilhelminenberg

Now this is a secret tipp and our personal favorite! This location is a popular destination of viennese people that can be easily reached by bus and car. Right next to the hotel Schloss Wilhelminenberg is a weadow with a breathtaking view above Vienna - the perfect romantic picnic spot surrounded by nature.

📍 Savoyenstraße 2, 1160

... and much more places

Kaiserwiese, Prater

Now that you know some of our favorite spots, it is time to test them and even extend the list as there are a lot other amazing locations for picnics all around Vienna:

📍 Lainzer Tiergarten, 1130

📍 Kaiserweise, Prater, 1020

📍 Kurpark Oberlaa, 1110

📍 Kaiserwasser, 1220

📍 Gloriette, 1130

📍 Stadtpark, 1010

📍 Cobenzl, 1190

📍 Sigmund Freud Park, 1090

📍 Nussberg, 1190

But beware: there are some parks such as Volksgarten or Lichtensteinpark, where chilling on the green grass is actually forbidden. So always do your research first and please don’t litter and leave with everything you came! Have a wonderful picnic!

Best Picnic Spots

5 mins reading time
Aug 4, 2022
Hendrik Obleser

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