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When the weather in Vienna turns warm and sunny, the city's vibrant streets come alive with their beautiful outdoor terraces - or as the Viennese say: "Schanigärten". These charming al fresco dining spaces are an integral part of Viennese culture and that's why we want to show you the most beautiful ones in Vienna!

Here are some of our favouite outdoor dining spots that offer delicious food served in a unique location:


Situated in the iconic Urania building, this restaurant offers an amazing view above the Danube Canal to the Giant Ferris Wheel. The terrace is the perfect place for watching the sunset while enjoying some self-made cocktails and delicious food. At night romantic fairy lights decorate the restaurant and you can see the lighted walkways near the water that stretch into the distance.

Led by talented chefs, the restaurant offers a diverse selection of dishes that blend contemporary flavors with traditional Austrian influences. Each plate is thoughtfully crafted, featuring the finest seasonal ingredients sourced locally and from around the world. Klyo offers options for vegetarians and vegans as well. One of the unique aspects of this restaurant is that there are twelve beverages and cocktails named after the Zodiac calendar. Klyo is an ideal spot to enjoy a romantic dinner with your loved ones!

📍 Uraniastraße 1, 1010


This beautiful garden in the 3st district of Vienna is an absolute gem! Eating at Lucullus feels like escaping into an exotic holiday. The terrace is decorated with great love to detail giving you a mediterranean holiday flair: indian umbrellas, palm and olive trees, lanterns, statues and much more! Ranging from regional to foreign cuisine, this restaurants offers fancy food, delicious deserts and selfmade lemonades in an unique setting.

📍 Neulinggasse 29, 1030

Neni am Wasser

Neni am Wasser is located at the Danube Canal promenade. The restaurant's design is an eclectic mix of modernity and comfort - with specially in Bali designed furniture.

The restaurant transports the vibe of Mykonos, Ibiza and Tulum. Offering a delightful fusion of the mediterranean flavors it really gives you holiday vibes!

The culinary philosophy of NENI am Wasser revolves around the concept of "Balagan," an Israeli term that describes joyful chaos and togetherness around the dining table. It means that you can order many different dishes and share them in the middle of the table. This way you can try all the delicious food! For vegetarians and vegans, the restaurant offers an equally exciting selection of plant-based dishes that exemplify the creative approach to food.

📍 Donaustraße 65, 1020


Ramasuri is located behind the statue of the famous Austrian Actor and Opera Singer, Johann Nestroy, at a beautiful square. The idyllic terrace is surrounded by greenery and colorful flowers. The furniture adds further color to the ambience.

The name of the restaurant, Ramasuri, is an old Viennese word, that actually means: "everything mixed up". Ramasuri has a creative international fusion cuisine that serves great food in the form of modern dishes and with lots of vegetables. Additionally Ramasuri offers a variety of Austrian national food. All their dishes look like a little work of art served on beautiful porcelain. Look forward to unthinkable combinations of a variety of ingredients - according to the concept of an excellent fusion cuisine, Ramasuri also offers a comprehensive Palette of different drinks. The restaurant stays open until midnight and invites for a late-night cocktail just as well as for a cozy dinner with friends.

📍 Praterstraße 19, 1020

Figlmüller Lugeck

Figlmüller at Lugeck is housed in an historic building, exuding old-world charm and a sense of nostalgia. The terrace is a delightful extension of the restaurant's historic charm, offering a unique al fresco dining experience in the heart of Vienna's city center. Surrounded by the bustling energy of the city, yet shielded from it by greenery, the terrace provides a tranquil escape where guests can relax and savor their meals in the open air.

While the "Schnitzel" is undoubtedly the star of the show, Figlmüller at Lugeck also features a diverse menu that celebrates other Austrian delights. From traditional soups and hearty stews to delectable desserts like the famed Austrian apple strudel, the restaurant offers an array of choices for every palate.

📍 Lugeck 4, 1010

Beautiful Outdoor Dining Spots

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Aug, 3, 2023
Kathrin Schwarz

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